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Policy Positions

Initial Priorities

Blue Collar Housing

Our vibrant community is no longer an affordable place to live and raise a family. Ensuring all Nashville citizens and young people can once again afford to purchase and rent homes in our city will be a top priority of my administration. As your next mayor, I will work to identify parcels of city land where we can structure profitable deals with developers who commit to building quality homes and apartment complexes, while at the same time verifying that our current grants and funds allocated towards renovating existing housing projects are spent effectively and appropriately.

  • Find ways to improve cost of living
  • Look for ways to help bring high paying jobs to Nashville
  • Advocate for new forms of workforce housing

Transportation Solutions

Our citizens are facing insurmountable traffic that cuts productivity and steals precious family time. As your mayor, I will work with our city council to implement both short-term and long-term solutions to our traffic and transit problems. I will start by IMMEDIATELY addressing the 50 already identified intersections where turning lanes and better-synchronized traffic lights can relieve congestion, while at the same time encouraging our local major employers to adapt flex-time and rotating schedules. I will also work hand-in-hand with state and federal officials to explore an above ground interstate exchange system.

  • Find short-term & long-term solutions
  • Look for regional transit alternatives
  • Improve use of existing resources

Crime Reduction

Our crime rate is on the rise and out of control. Our tax dollars are being spent irresponsibly while our police officers are underfunded and understaffed. As your next mayor, I will tackle the rising crime rate by working with community leaders and police officers on commonsense solutions, while always ensuring our police department has the funds and technology needed to effectively serve our community. I will also review the procedures currently used to deter youth violence and invest time and energy into our at-risk youth. I want to take the message to our young people that regardless of what the statistics say, the American dream is still in their reach and we believe in them.

  • Strengthen relationships between metro police and minority communities
  • Advocate for criminal justice reform that prepares prisoners to return to society and find gainful employment and housing.
  • Target at-risk youth and use mentors and authority figures to teach and stress the sanctity of human life.

Long Term Issues

Primary Concerns

Address City Debt

Metro Nashville now has the highest debt per citizen of any city in the nation. Due to restructuring of debt by previous administrations, we are now facing huge balloon payments we cannot afford without a hard look at the budget, and we must also be realistic when it comes to Metro government’s currently underfunded pension plan. As mayor, I will work with city council to examine sustainable solutions, but will demand we apply fiscal responsibility and common sense to how your taxes are spent.
  • Look for ways to improve sustainability
  • Only look for realistic options
  • Be responsible with taxpayer dollars

Improve infrastructure by repairing potholes, roads, and bridges

One of my top priorities as mayor would be fixing potholes, roads, bridges, and sidewalks. In 2018, the city had 9,179 reported potholes and 18 employees working to prioritize and patch them.  Given the damage potholes can cause cars and tires, it makes sense to increase the number of employee tasked with repairing the roads. It also makes sense to prioritize bridge repairs, sidewalks, and broken streetlights in neglected areas of town.

  • Fix potholes & improve roads
  • Develop infrastructure including bridges & sidewalks
  • Improve work resources & address neglected areas

End cronyism and fight to end unfair distribution of neighborhood resources

Justin Owen, the CEO of the Beacon Center, has written about corporate welfare that has been doled out as cash grants and tax credits to large companies. These sweetheart deals benefit the few at the expense of the many who subsidize the boondoggles with their tax dollars. We see the cronyism in the allocation of contracts and the disparity of goods and services across neighborhoods. This must be addressed and rectified.

  • Fight against corporate welfare
  • Stop sweetheart deals
  • Make fair distribution of resources

Protect parental rights and improve K-12 education

The right of parents to make meaningful decisions about how they will raise and educate their children is under attack.  As mayor, I would work to encourage city agencies to respect the right of parents to make choices about their children’s education and health. I would also work with teachers, principals, and school administrators to meet the needs of individual schools.  Homeschooling parents and those who utilize charter schools will have my attention and I will work to encourage school choice and options for every family.

  • Work to improve parental involvement
  • Defend school choice & protect our teachers
  • Be open to new ideas

Keep taxes under control

Many politicians would promise never to raise taxes as a way to gain votes. As mayor, I will work to keep taxes from rising any further and to rein in wasteful government spending. Unless we directly counter the current path of our city government spending, future politicians will use it to justify tax increases.

  • Work to reduce waste
  • Avoid spending that requires tax increases
  • Look for ways to lower costs

Protect property rights of businesses and individuals

As mayor, I would fight to protect the private property rights of Nashvillians from governmental seizure through eminent domain, where governments take private property for public use. I believe property owners should have the right to decide how they are going to use the property for which they are taxed.

  • Protect private property rights
  • Fight against eminent domain
  • Allow for choice in use of property

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