Radio Host Dave Ramsey and Churchill Mortgage Founder Mike Hardwick Endorse Carol Swain for Nashville Mayor

Conservative Republican Dr. Carol Swain picked up two more key endorsements Monday in her bid to become the Nashville’s next Mayor as financial expert, best-selling author, and nationally syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey, along with businessman and Churchill Mortgage founder and president Mike Hardwick, added their names to the growing list of area leaders backing the former Vanderbilt professor’s campaign.

“Carol Swain is fabulously intelligent, articulate, and stands on principle. Her wisdom and values makes her the perfect answer to what Nashville needs right now in a Mayor,” Dave Ramsey said in a statement.

Mike Hardwick added, “I give my strongest endorsement to Dr. Carol Swain’s mayoral bid. I have known Carol for over 15 years. She is a person of high integrity and courage. Carol is a visionary who will exercise good judgment as she works with others to keep Nashville strong and vibrant.”

Swain’s campaign notes she has published a “Blueprint for Nashville” that lays out the policy agenda she will pursue during her term as Mayor. Among them are to develop a common-sense solution to Nashville’s transit woes; to improve Davidson County’s infrastructure, to end cronyism and bring transparency and merit back to City Hall.

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